Re: DnD

I thought this feature had been implemented in the development panel. I
haven't used it yet, though, so I can't confirm...


Steve Fox wrote:
> This is another from the IBM internal list...but I found it interesting
> (again). My guess is in the difference between a launcher and an applet.
> But as long as a launcher has the path to the program, why can't we just
> pass the filename and path along to the app? I know that GMC is getting
> scratched but since a 1.2 release is coming out maybe this would be a
> quick little enhancement?
> > It was a while ago, so I don't remember exact details. But I believe I went
> > into some specifics such as the consistency of drag/drop usage in the WPS,
> > and how some of those same instances didn't work in GNOME.
> >
> > For instance, drag a file from GMC and drop it on gEdit while it's still a
> > button
> > on the toolbar. It won't go. (I need to check this with October GNOME, when
> > I
> > wrote this it wasn't true.) Drop it on an opened gEdit window, and it does.
> > Both
> > cases work on the WPS.
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