Re: Swallowed app

Jacob Berkman wrote:

> Toralf Lund <> writes:
> > What exactly is required from an application for the panel to be able to
> > "swallow" it? In particular, I would like to add "xmailbox" as a
> > swallowed app (because none of the mailcheck applets work quite the way
> > I want), and I'm pretty sure I got this to work earlier, but when I try
> > it now, it is displayed in a separate window. Can anyone explain what is
> > going on?
> Which WM are you using?

I'm using Enlightenment 0.15 at the moment. I've also tried using WindowMaker
with GNOME. Could it be that the swallow worked with WindowMaker, but doesn't
when I'm using Enlightenment?

> Jacob
> --
> "Beware of bugs in the above code;  I have only
>  proved it correct, not tried it." -- D. Knuth

- Toralf

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