> Is the developer conference really happening? (Pardon my cynicism.)
> I thought it would be fun to attend, but I've begun to wonder if it's
> really happening. I have heard little talk of it on the gnome or
> gnome-devel lists, and my web registration didn't result in a
> response. And it wasn't even clear if I needed to register to go to
> it, anyway, or if I just show up (?!)....
> Just thought I'd reality check before I confirm with my boss that I
> won't be at work those few days.
> Tia.

Yes it is really happening :) The people attending usually discuss such 
things on IRC :)

...and just so you know all of HelixCode are going - and every 
concievable person remotely involved with GNOME appears to be going too :)

Ali Abdin

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