Re: Gnome, KDE flamebait

* Steve Homer <> writes:

> I appreciate that others feel differently, but we should (and I mean all
> open source or near open source developers) not cut off our noses here.

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This is not meant personal (as you requested), but if someone
replies above the quoted text, every sane e-mail conversation is

One of the citations I like best fits here:

"The message you are replying to is added to the end of your new
contribution.  This makes it impossible to comment on a message in
a paragraph by paragraph way [...]. It's like trying to conduct a
family conversation when you're not allowed to interrupt father
until he's finished a one-hour lecture."  (David Wright)

And about Gnome and KDE, here are two other quotes which are about
different topics but fit quite well IMHO:

"Ah my son - blessed are they who both sendeth and receiveth mail
and news from unices immeasurable. For it is said that the number of
unices are as the stars in the heavens, and foolish is the man who
chooseth but one."  (Richard Lindner)

"Finally, vi and emacs are the two editing Titans, locked in eternal
combat, in a realm beyond that of mortals." (Tim Allen)

  Co "No need to Cc: me on list replies" lin

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