was there a fix for the "no left button on panel" in gnome-core 1.1.3?

When 1.1.3 was announced, I saw some people mention that the panel did
not respond to the left mouse button. Now I just build gnome-core,
obliterated ~/.gnome, and I have the same problem!  I can get the foot
menu with the right button, but can't launch any programs from the
panel.  The right button does work to raise the gmc menu on the root

I don't think this is related, but lately, since gnome-1.1.2 anyway, my
mouse has sometimes gone into spastic fits in which the middle mouse
button takes on the effect of buttons one and two being hit at the same
time.  Its kinda like "emulate 3rd button backwards."  I have to restart
X to make that go away...

Paul E. Johnson        			email: pauljohn@ukans.edu
Dept. of Political Science     		http://lark.cc.ukans.edu/~pauljohn
University of Kansas           		Office: (785) 864-9086
Lawrence, Kansas 66045         		FAX: (785) 864-5700

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