Re: fonts on Gnome

As I have posted on several occasions without resolution because of I did
not understand the magnitude of the problem.

I have set up my X screen resolution to match the windows settings -

Gnome and KDE run fine. However, the fonts used but Gnome and KDE -
windows, menus, etc... are way too small for my eyes.

Short of lowering the screen resolution (which I would prefer to not do)
any  suggestions on how to increase the font sizes considering the

This problem was once resolved by changing the order of the fonts in the
fonts section of XF86Config. Since RH moved the font section in RH6.0
and later from XF86Config to a font server independent of the X server I
have no idea of which server is being used or its location.

My secondary questions are these:

1. Which font server is being used?
2. What is its location?
3. How is it accesses?

4. Also since Red Hat graced us with twenty three (23) - yes folks (23) -
XF86Config files in RH6.1 and only 1 is used by X which one is it?

Most likely candidates are:



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