Gnome and X Failure -- HELP

I have an RH 7.0 setup which was working fine until yesterday.  Then I started a process that filled up my root partition.  I was
able to remove the rogue file and worked along OK until logout a the end of the work day.  This morning at boot time I got the usual
friendly RedHat GUI login prompt.  When I attempted to login, the screnn went through its usual flicker and then I got the GUI login
again.  The same thing happened as root or user.

I started up in single-user mode and cleaned out my .gnome* directories and tried again--same thing.

I've done the Xconfiguratoe thing again, used .xinitrc with exec gnome-session, and nothing has worked.

Apparently something in /tmp got trashed at disk-full time and now my configuration is hosed.

Any ideas for recovery would be greatly appreciated.


Tom Browder

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