Re: GNOME on commerical UNIX (Re: Gnome installation on an HP station)

>From: Brian Seklecki <lavalamp burghcom com>

>If my problems compiling GNOME software don't clear up soon, I'm going to
>start taking drastic measures to end the madness, diffing up LS output,
>looking for symlinks and duplicates, and moving all these binaries to where
>they should be, /usr/bin.

If you're not compiling Gnome on Solaris for the fun of it, why are you doing it 
at all?  Have you seen or the Helix site or of just for starters where you 
can get Gnome binaries that work just fine?  You can even get it on CD if you 
get Solaris 8 Update 2(10/10) - it's on the Companion CD, along with 
Enlightenment and lots of other things.

I compiled it coz I run Solaris 9 Alpha, and the Helix installer didn't like it. 
And I started out compiling it at 0.50.2, so I'm used to the issues involved.  
But I wouldn't do it otherwise.

Same goes for XMMS - there's a Solaris binary available from their website.  And 
the latest version for Solaris defaults to the Solaris audio output plugin, so 
you can forget the ESD one ;O)

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