Re: where is db2html

On Fri, Aug 18, 2000 at 03:04:02PM +0100, peter bunney wrote:
> I am trying to compile gnome-utils-1.2 but it fails asking for db2html.
> I got round this temporarily by putting a dummy db2html in
> /usr/local/bin but it would be nice to have the genuine article and
> compile the docs.

Peter - This should not be happening. You should not need db2html
(it's a tool that builds html help files out of sgml source, but is
normally run by package maintainers when they build the package rather
than end users - on your end the html should already be in the package)

Which version of gnome-utils 1.2 are you using, where did you get it,
and which directory is it in when it asks for db2html?

(This problem existed in an early release, and was fixed in more
recent ones, I thought.)


John Fleck (h) (w)

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