Re: GNOME & WPO2000

> I too had Corel WP2000 on my box and it ran rather poorly even in KDE.  My
> WP windows would also rearange themselves and the help menu would expand to
> full size, just as some of yours did. While the problems may be more
> pronounced in GNOME, I would say this due to the fact that it runs using
> WINE. Furthermore Corel WP just has some bugs in it. Quattro Pro would also
> crash when certain icons pertaining to it's graphing routine were clicked
> on. I think Linux Today did a review of WP and also commented on the quirky
> behavior.
>  I would suggest using Star Office or (even better) Abiword. While Abiword
> is still Beta, it works extremely well and is very easy to use. Also
> Gnumeric is a much better spreadsheet than Quattro Pro. I have also used
> Applix and it too has some bugs.

We are using Applix as the main word processor in our office, and while I wouldn't have recommended
it if you'd asked me half a year ago, I rather like the latest release (version 5.0). It now has a
Gtk+ UI, and it's reasonably well integrated with GNOME. Also, there is now a stand-alone version
of the word processor which is included with ApplixOffice, but may also be purchased separately.

> The Gnome and GNU software actually works

> best. This is really something since it's developed by volunteers yet it
> works better than the commercial software! My advice: Take WP back and get
> your money back if you can.

- Toralf

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