Re: missing bonobo library?

Mart van de Wege wrote:
> O.K.,
> This will be my first posting on this list, so bear with me please,
> this may be a bit of a silly question.
> First: I am running Red Hat Linux 6.2 Deluxe on an Intel Pentium
> box, Ive installed everything, and I've gotten hold of the Gnome 1.2
> tarballs courtesy of the U.K. magazine Linux Format, who put
> them on their cover CD in the August issue.
> I've gotten around to compiling enough to get a working desktop,
> and I must say *it's great!*, but I have trouble compiling libglade
> and gnumeric. Both fail to compile giving a 'Unknown library:
> bonobo' error. Obviously I don't have the bonobo libraries, so
> where can I find them, or am I doing something wrong?
you can get it from

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