Re: error opening /home/$user/.gnome

In message <200004030139.e331dsl30772@event_horizon>, Patrick Kellaher writes:

>I have had this question for a while now... on many Gnome apps, it get the
>following error:

>Gnome-ERROR **: Could not create per-user Gnome directory
></home/pat/.gnome> - aborting

>IOT trap/Abort

>Now I find this odd due to the fact that that directory exists already and
>several programs use it (such as GnomeICU).  This problem has followed me
>every since I installed gnome off the Slackware 4.0 cds... I installed
>October Gnome and have since moved on into the 1.1.x series, but this
>problem still follows me.  

This is definitely a FAQ.

You are running a libc 5 system.  For some reason the libgnome library in
gnome-libs isn't getting compiled -D_REENTRANT.  Add that definition to the
Makefile and things will start working.  (You may also need to install
reentrant X libs, which can be found on several web pages including mine).

See the list archives for a more detailed explanation.


John GOTTS <>

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