Re: UPDATED desktop files (once more)

On Thu, 30 Mar 2000, Judith Samson wrote:

> If a person doesn't have the application installed, then it shouldn't
> show up in the menu, no? And if you don't want something to show up in
> the menu, you just delete it in Menu editor. I guess a nice-to-have
> would be to be able to right-click on the menu entry and be able to
> delete it from there.

One of the very few nice features of Windows...however with multiuser *nix,
this becomes very difficult, because for a user to have access to be able to
change things so easily, they'd have to have their own copy, which wouldn't
work too well when installing new applications, as they would go to the main
directory, not all the users directories.  Maybe making the menu world
writable?  But this presents a security issue.  I've tried to think of a
solution to this before...

- Rivyn [ Casey Allen Shobe ]
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