Proposal for application menu organization (Was Re: Help requested: more .desktop files.)

Alexander Volovics <> writes:

> I hope that sane criteria for inclusion of apps will be applied.
> I for one would not like to encounter long lists off apps like
> `Freeciv',`bomber',`xkobo',`Pingus', `Maelstrom', `Xboing' `RH control-panel'
> in the menu's (even using submenus).

I think now would be the time to suggest an idea of mine...

The default application menu is way to complex in any environment.  It's really
bad when I sit down at a Windows computer and there's more subfolders than what
can fit on the screen in one column.  And don't get me started on that
"accessories" b/s.  Both gnome and kde have much nicer menu organization,
however, I propose something simpler, which I have used for years under
multiple environments, and it works great:

Audio -- (audio/video players/recorders/editors)
Design -- (text/image/whatever you make editors)
Games -- (the things you waste time on when you're bored)
Internet -- (browsers, aim/icq/irc/napster/archie clients, etc)
System -- (file managers, control center, admin tools, etc)

You say, but there will be too much stuff in each folder, like Design!

Well, I have a Graphics subdirectory in my Design group, a Text Editors /
Office subdirectory, and add whatever seems necessary -- I think that
applications which followed this standard should each name a subdirectory of a
group, and then there should be a setting in control center whether or not to
show everything in the subdirectories all in one folder (office tools/graphics
all just in design, no subfolders), or show subgroups.  This would allow you to
use 5 menus, if you don't have many apps, you don't need subgroups, if you have
a *lot*, you could just go switch it on.

What are everyone's thoughts on this?

- Rivyn [ Casey Allen Shobe ]
- [ ICQ: 1494523 ]

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