Re: One more question...

Lizard <> writes:

> My question is:How do I put this entire process into a toolbar icon? 

Add a launcher with this command:

gnome-terminal --geometry=<width>x<height> -e mutt

where <width> and <height> are in characters.

> I did set up mutt as an icon with 'run in terminal', but it runs in what
> I assume is a default X terminal, with no colors and odd widgets.

The problem here is that gnome-terminal, until recent versions, didn't
have an xterm compatible way of launching programs.  You kind of have
to hack gnome-libs/libgnome/gnome-dentry.c to get it to run stuff in
gnome-terminal correctly, but there is a setting in your ~/.gnome/Gnome
file to change terms.

Good luck,
"Me fail English?  That's unpossible!" - R. Wiggum

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