Re: ps/tt fonts in gnome apps

Because even though X may use scalable fonts internally, there is no way
to get at them from the application -- all the X protocols are in terms of
bitmap representation of the glyphs.  This is OK for screen display, but
not for printing on arbitrary resolution printers.

The different apps solve the problem in different ways.  Gnumeric uses the
gnome-print package, and abiword uses its own system.

If there was a method of getting the vector representation of the glyphs
from the X server, then those applications could probably be modified to
use it.



On Thu, 16 Sep 1999, Nathan Clegg wrote:

> Why is it that gnumeric, abiword, and other such applications have their
> own special set of fonts, rather than using the postscript and truetype
> fonts I use in X (and gimp, for that matter)?
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