gdm2.0beta2 problems

Hi Everyone,

I tried compiling and installing gdm2beta on my Red Hat 6 box.  I
compiled it with the --prefix=/usr flag in order to install it over the
original gdm.  I followed the few instructions found in the
README.install file that was provided with the package.  That is, I
have made sure that there is a /etc/pam.d/gdm file and that the user
and group named gdm exist.  Now, like someone else had mentioned
earlier this week on this list, I cannot login.  Worse yet, when X
restarts, it freezes.  Has anyone else seem this strange behaviour? 
Are there any specific things that I can do to correct this phenomenon?
I should also mention that when gdm2 is started (after rebooting my
machine that has now locked up), the login box is not long enough to
display the really long hostname that I have because of Rogers@HOME's
silly naming system.  Does this have anything to do with the problems
that I am experiencing? I mean, do I have conflicting configuration
files from the old gdm and the new one that might be responsible for
the bad behaviour that I am seeing from the new gdm?

I would appreciate any suggestions or comments.

R. Bidemi Temidire
Telephone: (613) 738-1735

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