Re: Why oh why is Gnome eating my panel! (Frustration == MAX)

On Thu, 9 Sep 1999, The Doctor What wrote:

> I thought that was the problem.  I have a dialup slip with *dynamic*
> ip's assigned on dialup.  What is the correct way to fix this?  I
> can't keep all these IP's in my hosts file, I can't "restart" my panel
> just because I dialed up or hung on my ISP. This will go away,when I
> switch back to having an IP-Masq firewall between me and the ISP
> (hopefully DSL), but this is still something that needs to be delt
> with.

Fix it so that your hostname doesn't get changed every time you dial up.

Basically, the conversion chain
	hostname -> IPaddr -> hostname
must always be possible, and you will also have some hangs if the IP
address that your hostname points to changes during a GNOME session.

-- Elliot
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