Re: More on Graphical Pipes

Geert Bevin wrote:
> > I was thinking about other ways on how to make the pipe / script -
> > applet idea more clear.
> I see your proposal more as an intelligent launcher which executes
> actions according to the types of the files that are dropped on it. This
> has not much to with pipes imho. Pipe allows you to use the output of a
> certain action as the input of a new one, thus creating chains. I miss
> the 'chain' concept in your proposal.

Yes you are right and no you are not.

  I want a launcher either on the desktop or in the panel. 

  it doesn't have to be smart, I rather want the smart part to be in the
skripts / Pipes. The applet (in my idea) takes care of sitting around,
showing some graphical icon, taking the information of the drag and drop
action and combining pre-written skripts with the dragged files as
input. Nothing else.

The idea behind it is, ...

   a pipeline in a computer ????

... a new user of gnome would be confused by the term "pipe/ pipeline".
And having to write/ or create one of his own before getting work done
would make him think if there was a better way to do it. 

I just read your second mail. I don't understand when and how the shell
would appear. A shell appears when you start an xterm for example.
Typing in a tail -f is fine, but no new Gnome - user would know what to
do at this point and an experienced user would prefere the commandline
anyway. And then you want to drag the file from gmc to the shell for
what reason? For a name-completion reason? A couple of letters and
hitting TAB can do it without the fingers leaving the keyboard.

But maybe you are thinking even further than I am. I agree with you if
you mean to graphically assemble new lines / or pipes with an
application. Is that what you mean?



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