Re: Can anything be done to reduce memory usage?

Kevin Cowtan <> writes:

> Changing gtk themes doesn't seem to help. I gained a little bit of
> space by replacing Enlightenment with wmx (compiled without pixmaps
> and stripped for 82K executable), which I now use on a 486 laptop and
> SGI Indy at work too ( )

I would dump enlightenment altogether.  I liked it.  Its nice looking
and usable.  But it uses allot of memory.  I prefer WindowMaker which
uses less.  Of course, there's always fvwm2, etc..

> Another memory consuming problem I have is that I can't get Gnome help
> pages to appear in the help browser - it insists on using Netscape,
> which leads to extensive disk thrashing. Even the help menu in the
> Gnome help browser itself brings up Netscape. I've changed the
> mime handler for html in the mime-types control panel (only affects gmc),
> and changed all the entries in the URL-handlers control panel to start
> the help browser rather than gnome-moz-remote (ghelp and the other two
> change OK, but if I change default it has changed back when I close
> and reopen the control center, there is no effect on behaviour).
> Is there any way I can overcome this and force everything to go
> to the help browser, or even to kfm?

My home computer is a P133 with 32 meg. memory.  Getting rid of
enlightenment helped but using gnome and netscape together is still
slow with this hardware.  If you have to, use lynx (all text browser,
very low memory).

I'm sorry if this sounds simple but you know that you have to hit the
"Apply" button before closing the control-center, right?  I think
there may be a "Save" button as well?

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  - Abigail Van Buren

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