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The Desk Guide is an applet under the panel Utilities menu in
gnome-core-1.0.53.  You should be able to grab the latest RPMS from

Bidemi Temidire

On 19 Oct, Phil Risby wrote:
> Now I have downloaded and installed the (latest?) rpm's and I cannot find
> this Desktop Guide
> anywhere.
> Output from rpm
> rpm -q gnome-core
> gnome-core-1.0.7-2
> Is everyine taling aboujt a later version than thins?
> Thanks
> Phil
> Oh PS.
> it doesnt dump core so mcuh and yes i was hinting at humour when asking the
> cron question?
> Thanks anyway
> Phil
> Rasaki Bidemi Bolanle Temidire wrote:
>> Hi Everyone,
>> I am using the new Desk Guide applet that came with October GNOME.  I
>> like it.  In fact, I like the entire distribution.  I think that it is
>> very stable and looks great.  I would like to congratulate all those who
>> worked hard to get the new icons included in the distribution.  I am
>> not very artistically inclined but I do know what I like and what
>> looks good.  These icons beat out any icons that I have seen under KDE,
>> Windows98 or even MACOS.  The icons enhance the look of GNOME rather
>> than just acting as excess eye candy and cluttering the menus and
>> desktops.
>> I do have one quick question about Desk Guide.  How do I get it to
>> display more than one row of desktops.  The old GNOME pager allows you
>> to specify the number of rows and columns to use when displaying the
>> desktops.  I cannot find equivalent settings under the new Desk Guide
>> applet configuration tool.  Does anyone know how o do this or if it is
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