Re: Integrate VMware and Gnome

>> Ummm, why do not you contract one of those Gnome Support companies? They
>> will be glad to help you.
>Because we want to do it ourselves. I hope you don't hide the
>documentation just to make sure the Gnome Support Companies get rich,
>do you?

You can contract them to release the docs. What is more, I think all the
current projects of companies about Gnome or Gimp sign that kind of agreements.

>> Will you write that doc? That is a way to contribute. Another is to help
>> with company coders or writers (patches & docs). From you investigations,
>> you could also write a "Gnome Config Tricks" HOWTO, explaing interesting
>> things, not only about commercial app - Gnome integration.
>Perhaps. Perhaps not. I contributed by writing a NTFS documentation,
>by writing cross-compilation howtos. Even if I don't write anything
>this time, at least people in need for the same answers can browse the 
>mailing list and see our email exchange.

Email archives can be a real pain, searching one looking for info is not a
good experience.

>Remember, we propose. We do not impose. The final decision is made by
>the user.

Happy to hear that.

>This is your choice. We respect it. Problem: where can I find this
>gnome-session documentation? That's why I end up asking questions in
>the mailing list.

Use the source. Hehehehe. ;]
That is the ultimate resource.
Reading gnome-session config files also helps.

>I don't care about speed. I haven't posted to the KDE mailing lists
>yet because I do one thing at a time. First Gnome, then KDE. As I did
>with Gnome, I want to experiment with KDE and try to do it before I
>ask questions.

Monotask humans. >:P

>Really, don't see me as a threat. Before I was an open source

Sounded like. Maybe you should have commented that you where working in one
each time.

>coder. Now, because of the company policy, I do close source. I'm the
>same coder. I have the same feelings about the Linux community. I want 
>VMware to be well integrated with Gnome because I don't want users to
>choose Windows over Linux "just because they can click on a icon to
>start VMware".

Click "native app". ;]


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