Re: E-pagers and tasklist

It depends on which theme you use.  If the pagers have a close button in
the top left corner, you can use that.  Alternatively, alt+leftclick on
the pager should bring up a menu with a close option.

I don't know about the tasklist question.

You should be able to find eterm sources at



On Fri, 15 Oct 1999 wrote:

> I have 2 questions today.
> Is there a way in Enlightenment-0.15.5-100 to get rid of the E-pagers that come
> up on startup?
> How do you keep a window/process/application from showing up in the tasklist. I
> am using gnome-core-1.0.9-4.  Yes I know I need to update.
> Er, make that three questions.  Is Eterm opensource? -four- If so where can I 
> get it?  I've been looking for tarballs or source rpms and I haven't been able
> to find any.  It would help my gBackGround applet to see how Eterm gets the
> image from the virtual desktop.
> Thanks as usual.
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