Re: why the error messages?

On Thu, Oct 14, 1999 at 10:41:01AM -0400 or thereabouts, wrote:
> Telsa Gwynne writes:
> > > "You are not running a GNOME compliant window manager.Please run a 
> > > GNOME compliant window manager. For example, Enlightenment (DR-0.15).
> > 
> > It rather suggests that you "should" be using enlightenment with
> > Gnome,
> How about this wording:
> "You are not running a GNOME compliant window manager.  Please run a GNOME 
> compliant window manager.  A list of such window managers may be found 

That would be fine. Except that as far as I know, the windowmaker I
am using was compiled with Gnome support in. I would also suggest the
alteration of the second sentence to "This window manager will work,
but there are others which are more compliant with Gnome and which
integrate more happily with it" because my worry is still that people
think that they have to go and find something else to even -try-

I still can't get the wretched message to appear or to not appear
reliably, though. I have a slightly more up-to-date windowmaker which
I want to try, and despite upgrading Gnome to what came on the RH 6.1
release (1.0.40 ish?), I seem to be out of date again already on that
front. I should probably grab the later stuff, I know :) 

> at"

Or, indeed, ("What is
a window manager and what does it have to do with Gnome?" :) It 
currently lists enlightment and icewm as the closest, and then
fvwm, scwm, qvwm and windowmaker as putting the finishing touches
to Gnome-compliancy. It doesn't mention sawmill: does that need


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