Re: LUG Report was - Re: Congratulations!

George Farris <> writes:

> Anyone in the know care to comment on this or send me email 
> directly?  I really like GNOME and would like to report back to the 
> LUG with an intelligent and informed reply.

I've talked (well emailed) people who've reported bugs about gnome 
becoming sluggish after a while.  They switched from using E and 
things started behaving nicely.

Lots of people now use sawmill, but window maker, fvwm2 etc. are nice

(Ok, people, please don't say "E is fast for me";  we've all been
down this road)

Also, the new tasklist/deskguide should be quicker/more memory 

Another slowdown is when pixmap themes are used.  Something light like 
ThinIce is what I like to use.

These are just my experiences with using GNOME over the past year and
a half, hope they help.

"Me fail English?  That's unpossible!" - R. Wiggum

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