Problem found -- won't find <name>-config in directories other than /usr/bin?

I researched the problem I was having where esound wouldn't build
when my audiofile libraries where installed in /usr/gnome/lib,
even though I had specified "--prefix=/usr/gnome".  It seems that
my audiofile-config file was not being found.  Due to this, the
library location flag was still being set to "-l/usr/lib".

Another problem is that after encountering the error with not 
finding audiofile-config, the compilation process continue,
even though audiofile is now required for esound to build!

I am no Makefile/autogen guru, so hopefully someone else can check in
fixes for this.  In the meantime, I have added:

	cp /usr/gnome/bin/*-config /usr/bin

after each module compilation process in my build script. 
It's a hack, but it appears to work.


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