GNome Startup Slowly

I have used SUSE 6.1 and Linux Mandrake for my work.
I have both upgraded to glibc-2.1.2 with linuxthreads,crypt and compat.
Both have XFree86 3.3.5 built.
For SUSE, compiler is egcs-1.1.2
For Mandrake, compiler is gcc-2.95.1

I have notice that Mandrake Linux have problem starting GNome, I don't know
for what reason. It did starts, but slowly.
Both system starts GNome with Enlightenment as the WM, but Mandrake starts
E, then holds for a few (about 13 seconds), then other GNome apps starts. On
SUSE, E starts, then other GNome apps starts almost instantly.
I am wondering why? What makes Mandrake starts GNome so slow, is it the PAM
or other things?
Anyone have any idea?


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