Dates and l10n

Do l10n and dates currently not work in Gnome, or am I doing something
wrong? I have tried setting both LC_ALL and LC_TIME to finnish as well
as swedish, but at least gnomecal, gnumeric and the DateTime widget
in general do not format the short date correctly. It is always
shown as mm/dd/yyyy. How do I get it to be formated as
or yyyy-mm-dd? In gnumeric 0.44 when I insert "current date", I get
'//' and 'mm/dd/' for finnish and swedish respecively. Is this a bug?

Best regards,
Björn Andersson  <>                        +358-50-3412556
Lifix Systems Oy <>     Professional Linux Solutions
Tekniikantie 21, FIN-02150 Espoo                          +358-9-4375272

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