Re: libxml-1.7.3 configure

* Robert T G Tan <> writes:

> However, among other things, there is also another header it can't find,
> because it doesn't exist
> on my box, nan.h.

Itīs in /usr/include on my Debian system ("`NAN' constant for IEEE
754 machines.")

Iīll send it to you in private mail, but it would be better to find
the package that contains it.

> Your right removing config.cache, made the (cached) part dissapear.
> What does this mean? If its cached or not what makes the difference in e.g
> malloc.h
> being there, or not?

AFAIK, if you provide e.g. malloc.h after an unsuccessful ./configure
run, it wonīt be found because the bad result is cached. So with `rm
config.cache', new game, new luck. For a normal home user system,
this caching is more annyoing than it benefits, IMNSHO.


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| I came home from a Barry Manilow concert once and had 666 burned into
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