Re: libxml-1.7.3 configure

* Robert T G Tan <> writes:

>> > Can I ignore this?  What is going on? If it does find a malloc.h, which
>> > one does configure pick?

See config.log.

>> remove your confing.cache it seems seriously corrupted ...

>    I tried both options, didn't make a difference, but thanks,

That should have read "config.cache" (without the second "n"). Did
you really remove the file in the directory where you are compiling?
At least the "(cached)" part should have gone now.


| Re: Kernel size is 666K! I kid you not! 
| by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday January 26, @08:50AM 
| I came home from a Barry Manilow concert once and had 666 burned into
| my forehead! I shit you not!        [Kernel 2.2.0 is announced on /.]

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