Re: bug-buddy (now 0.3 :))

Last week, Jacob Berkman wrote:
> Hello bug hunters,
> I've just released the first version of bug-buddy, a graphical
> bug reporting utility.
> The goal of bug-buddy is to make reporting bugs very simple and easy
> for the user, while making the reports themselves more useful and
> informative for the developer.

Since I've been one of the people saying 'Make it easier for people
to report bugs', I had to try this. I installed version 0.3 of bug-buddy 
today and played about with it.  

I have got to say, this absolutely rocks. It's really clear, and
very clever. And nice and simple to use. It's clever. Kudos to Jacob 
and the other people involved with it. 

> 	- automatic stack trace gathering, either from a core file
> 	  or from a crashed application.  No messing with gdb :)

Wail. And I spent all those hours learning how to type 'gdb' and 'bt' :)
When I got Tickastat, I was awed to watch that automatically generate
backtraces from crashes. I'm still awed now, watching bug-buddy do it. 
It's just... neat. Life is now much easier.

Telsa, dead impressed.

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