Re: RPM for gnome-libs 1.0.54?

> From: Raul Acevedo <>
> Zach Frey wrote:
>  >     rpm -ta <tarball>.tar.gz
>  > 
>  > This should generate the source RPM, plus all binary RPMs.
> If this is all it takes to generate binary RPMs, then why:

Oh, this is silly.  Zach coded up a simple-to-use procedure,
that doesn't imply that it was simple to code.

If you want real simple, what's wrong with (./configure; make)?

> 1.  Does GNOME not *always* provide RPMs for every tarball release, given
>     that it's so simple?

That command doesn't work on _any_ tarball, just on one that contains
a tar'ed and gzip'ed RPM spec file.  Somebody has to make that spec file.

> 2.  Isn't this information on generating RPMs from the tarball given
>     someplace really obvious and easy to find? 

This is just an RPM command with the build-from-zip'ed option.
It's not up to the Gnome programmers to document rpm.
Start with 'man rpm', if that doesn't do it RedHat sells a
book called 'Maximum RPM'.

     -- Keith Wright  <>

Programmer in Chief, Free Computer Shop <>
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