Re: Very Nasty Gnome bug

The other place to look for the standard cursor font cursor names is in
the file /usr/include/X11/cursorfont.h.  Just remove the XC_ prefix and
you have the name.



On Mon, 31 May 1999, Vidiot wrote:

> >You should be able to change the default cursor with the xsetroot command.
> >You would use it like this:
> >
> >  xsetroot  -cursor cursor.xbm mask.xbm
> Yep, that works.  The cursor I like best is:
> 	/usr/share/enlightenment/themes/CleanBig/pix/cursor_default.xbm
> >Or, if you want to use one of the standard cursors,  use this:
> >  xsetroot -cursor_name cursorname
> >
> >You can get more information on the xsetroot manual page.  Note that I
> >haven't tried this out with e, so YMMV.
> Unfortunately, xsetroot sends you to the X protocol manual, of which I
> do not have a copy and don't know where to find it on the net.  In any
> event, until things get resolved, it did a little script that resets the
> cursor.
> Thanks for the tip, it saved the day.
> MB
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