Re: File manager tree.

>    Is there any objections to me removing the [+] feature from the
> file manager?

I think it's a good feature, but I would live without it if the general
consensus is that it's the right thing to do.  I think disabling some feature
to get around a problem that can be fixed some (perhaps unknown) elegant way
isn't the right thing to do.

Is the problem just with NFS or NFS-like mounts?  What about checking existing
mounts and disabling this feature for potentially slow directories, but leaving
it enabled otherwise?  (Sorry if this was already hashed over in the original
thread, but I didn't follow it to closely.)

Anyway, the only _real_ problem with disabling the feature is that one, or
maybe two weeks after you remove it someone will post to the list saying, "I've
been using gmc lately and really like it, but it would really be nice if it
could do ..." :)


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