Re: File manager tree.


Perhaps simply providing the option to disable it would be better?.? Or
maybe disabling by default.

At 12:36 PM 5/28/99 -0500, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
>Hello guys,
>   So I fixed the bug people were reporting with the file manager tree
>for displaying incorrect data.  But this is not an optimal solution.
>   The problem is as follows:
>       1. The Windows-like feature of the tree in the file manager is
>          that you get a little square next to each directory which
>          can be empty for directories that do not contain any
>          subdirectories or a box with a plus sign, if the directory
>          contains subdirectories.
>	  If you have a plus sign ([+]) and click on it, it converts
>	  to a [-] icon and opens the tree.
>	  This is a nice feature.
>       2. Slow file systems are all over the place in Unix.  They
>          appear on the most unusual places: special directories might
>          refer to remote servers (afs, dfs), arbitrary locations can
>          be slow (NFS /users), or special vfs places (/#smb/ for
>          server listings).
>    The big problem here is that in order to achieve (1) you need to
>do a 2-level scan of the directories: one pass to scan all the names
>returned and stat the thing to figure out if the name is a directory,
>or if it is a file (ie, if it is a subdirectory, we need to scan the
>child to see if it has directories, in that case, we need to stick a
>[+] sign there).
>   So, I would like to get rid of nice-feature-on-point-1.  It is
>nice, yes, but it makes all sorts of people upset because they can not
>use the file manager on their systems.
>   Is there any objections to me removing the [+] feature from the
>file manager?
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