Re: Writing free documentation/GNOME books

"David C. Mason" <> writes:

| Preben Randhol <> writes:

| > I would say that the User documentation is good at least.
| This is my point exactly. What do you think would make it Great? I
| need to know.. I need you to write, not simply think about it.

I didn't mean at least in the sense not more than good. I meant that
at least the User docu is good, but the developer docu is lacking.
(English is only my second language)
| Agreed, but reference is the first step. If a new developer can't see all

Yes of course.

| that is available to him/her then a tutorial will only teach them the
| exercise in it.

True but I feel that the GTK reference manual is getting there. The
GNOME one can do with some work :-) But of course reference manuals
are the first step.
| We have to remember that there is a large amount of developers who
| just don't read the source, they read the reference.

Well I do the opposite I read the source because I only have the
reference. Many times it is not clear at all how to use a set of
functions together. This is where the documentation (call it tutorial)
comes in. It explains the philosophy of the library...

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