Re: Problems with RH6.0 GNOME

This is my second attempt at this e-mail.  Below was a suggestion to
try a different theme.  Damnit, it caused the telenet session from within
nxterm to be closed.  It also caused almost all of the currently running
applications to appear in the window I did the change in.  That is NOT good.
The only pieces that didn't move were the bookmark editing page for Netscape
and gnome-linuxconf.  Everything else did move :-(  Bad, real bad thing to
have happen when changing a theme.

OK, now to respond to the below reply for a SECOND time.

>I can answer 1 and 3...for your answer to #1, if you want the windows to
>stay in the same place, you have to right-click on the bar, go to
>Remember State, and select Desktop.

I had used Remember State -> All Attributes and it didn't work.  Wasn't it
supposed to?

>For your answer to #3, gnome-ppp
>was omitted from the Red Hat set of GNOME RPMS (because, well, it
>doesn't work).  Use kppp from the KDE menus's more reliable
>than gnome-ppp, and it's easier to set up.

I see it, but don't see any kind of man page for kppp.  I'll play with it
after I finish this PPP session.

I don't know why you're
>having problem #2, unless it's got something to do with the theme you've
>selected in Enlightenment...try different themes.

See the above for the disaster that was caused by changing the theme when
an active telnet session is running.  This problem need to be fixed.
Change the borders, but damn, don't move the applications and don't cause
things to be killed.  BTW, I went from CleanBig to iCE and it didn't make
a difference.  nxterm changes the cursor, but there are other programs
that rely on the default curs and the X makes it real difficult to use.

Thanks for the response.

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