Re: Gnome Pager problems in REdHat 6.0

J.C. Ng wrote:
> I'm using the Gnome distro that came with RedHat 6.0 and there's one quirk
> with the gnome pager. When I try to bring up windows that are listed in
> the task list with the left mouse button by clicking on the pager list,
> the window does not bring itself to the foreground. In Redhat 5.2, where I
> installed the Gnome distro that I downloaded from the gnome website, the
> gnome pager that came with it works as I want to - clicking on the task on
> the gnome tasklist brings the task window to the foreground. Do I have to
> install the latest gnome pager or something?

Updating Enlightenment fixed the problem for me.


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