Re: Imlib install location

Nevermind, I found my problem.  An old copy of libgdk_imlib was still in
/opt/gnome/lib.  I had only deleted old libimlib*'s.  Forgot about ldd
for a sec.

The only reason I ever post a question to this list is to jolt my
memory.  Invariably I find the problem within five minutes after


Jay Love wrote:
> I have been using gnome from cvs for about eight months and have always
> put everything in /opt/gnome.  Since Gnome 1.0 is just about done, I
> thought I would start moving some things to /usr, as Redhat apparently
> prefers for 6.0.  So I made RPMs of the support libraries (imlib,
> audiofile, etc) and uninstalled those from /opt/gnome and then installed
> my RPMs, which put everything in /usr. I left the gnome stuff in
> /opt/gnome for now, since it's still getting better.
> Well, everything is fine except the panel can't find imlib and won't
> start.  Everything comes up fine but the panel bombs. An strace shows
> that it is trying to open /opt/gnome/lib/ and
>, both of which it can't find, and then convert looks for
> a "delegates.mkg" file, can't find it, and it cores.
> I've run ldconfig five times, run make clean and rebuilt gnome-core and
> gnome-libs and nothing helps.  I finally sim-linked the imlib libs from
> /usr/lib into /opt/gnome/lib, and it works, but that's not the right
> way.
> Anyone know what's up?  There must be a file somewhere that's causing
> this, but I've no idea where.
> Jay Love
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