Re: Gnewbie questions

To create hyperlink icons on the desktop, drag a link, or the bookmark
picture between the words Bookmarks and Location on the netscape toolbar
to the desktop.  A link should be created on the desktop.  You can also
drag links from netscape onto the panel to create a launcher button for
the page.



On Wed, 5 May 1999, Eric W. Sink wrote:

> GNOME looks cool.  I just installed RH6 on my desktop system
> and I'm favorably impressed.
> However, two things are driving me nuts:
> 1.  There are icons preinstalled on my desktop which launch
>         URLs (, for example).  This behavior is much
>         like the Internet shortcuts available in Windoze, but:
>         How do I create my own?  I have looked EVERYWHERE I could
>         think of.  They appear to be stored in ~/.gnome-desktop and
>         referenced in a file called metadata.db in ~/.gnome but
>         I can't figure out how to make them work.  I added a file
>         to ~/.gnome-desktop which used a format just like the
>         existing ones there (RHcom), and did a Rescan.  The resulting
>         icon doesn't seem to know that it's a URL.
> 2.  When I click on one of the windows listed in the task list
>         in the pager in the panel at the bottom of my screen, I
>         keep expecting that window to be raised and receive the
>         focus.  It doesn't.  Here again, I spent a non-trivial
>         amount of time looking for an answer to this problem, and
>         I can't find it.  I played with all of the settings for
>         enlightenment, and nothing mattered.  Any clues?
> Thanks in advance for any pointers to relevant info about these
> two problems.
> BTW, is the archive of this email list available on the web
> somewhere?  The list server's way of accessing the archive is
> incredibly tedious:
> egrep -i focus latest/*
> BEGIN---------------cut here------------------
> ../.bin/arch_retrieve: /bin/nice: Argument list too long
> END-----------------cut here------------------
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