Re: gmc & cursors

>  All right, here's one, though I'm sorry I can't provide a patch right
>  now... If I drag a URL from netscape to the desktop, it gives me a
>  double-clickable URL on my desktop. If I then drag that into a gmc
>  window (like a view of my home directory), it then becomes a regular
>  text file, and looses its double-clickable-ness. I really don't think
>  this is quite the right behavior. It needs to keep its URL-ness no
>  matter wherever it may roam.

This happens because of two reasons:

	1. The file panels do not use metadata information because it
           is really slow to use it on big directories or NFS-mounted

	2. Only desktop icons know how to open URLs.

The former is more important.  Even if you enable customization of
icons in the file panels (from the preferences dialog), they won't
know how to open URLs.  

This inconsistency is hard to fix at this point :-(


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