Imlib RPMS error

Hi all,
I 'm new to the list so please excuse me if this has been discussed
before.I installed gnome-1.0.1 as .rpms(i've got a stock Redhat 5.2 with
no updates).Everything went smooth,but when trying to startx I get this
error message:

"error in loading shared libraries:/usr/lib/
reference to _ _register _no _frame_info"

I changed the default Windowmanager,and was able to startx,but when
trying to launch some gnome-apps(like GXedit,or gnorpm) I got the same
error.Furthermore,when trying to compile gnome apps
(gnorpm-0.7,gnomeicu-0.62b) I stumble across the same error.Seems to be
something related to Imlib RPMS,but what?I'd really appreciate a helpful
hint.Thanx a lot,

P.S I installed the -devel packages also(as rpms)

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