Re: Updated gnome-* RPMs

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> From: "Marc G. Glade" <>
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> Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 16:45:59 +0000
> To: Hall Stevenson <>,
> Subject: Re: Updated gnome-* RPMs
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> Hall Stevenson wrote:
> >
> > Well, after many, many attempts, I finally got most of the updated RPMs that
> > I wanted... gnome-core v1.0.3, gnome-libs v1.0.3, enlightenment-conf
> > v0.15.x, etc, etc.
> >
> > Now when trying to upgrade them, they complain about GLIBC2.1 !!!
> >
> > I got them from a RedHat "starbuck" mirror... Is that the problem? Do the
> > RPMs at the gnome mirrors require the newer glibc libraries ? If so, I have
> > no problem updating my glibc packages, so long as it breaks nothing else.
> The packages do require that you upgrade to glibc-2.1. I'm using the
> glibc rpm (glibc-2.1-0.990222.rpm) I got off of and it
> works fine. The only thing that broke for me was StarOffice, but Gnome
> works fine.
> --

Urrkkkk...  That is a show stopper to me: I have to deal with uSoft documents,
and StarOffice seems to deal with uSoft formats alot better than Applix...

Any chance of the next set of RPM's getting built without that dependency?
Or is there a hack around that can keep things working without having
to have the new C library, or (least desirable) a hack around that
will leave StarOffice usable...

Bleeding edge is fine, but I prefer to give blood at a single blood bank
at a time (in my case, the Gnome one), rather than all of them simultaneously...
				- Sigh...
				Jim Gettys

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