gmc feature and bug report

Tried out the new gmc v27.  Well, I'm not sure if it's a feature or not,
but this time, it does an invalid pixmap error and then crashes.  I'm not
using the latest gnome-libs, just the one from the last release. (1.0.3)

Unfortunately, when I start up again I see a core file on my desktop and
the icon has not been changed.  THe previous behavior was that the icon
had at least changed.  I guess now it's more consistent. ;)

I'm putting this in right now.

I also have a feature request for gmc.  As a sysadm, I like to hide the
filesystem structure from regular users.  So if I have a /home/sri,
/home/sri would actually ponit to /home/sri->/net/somemachine/home/sri,
this way I can move people about without them having to change anything.
In GMC, it tells the actual mounted path instead of the canonical path.
Can this be an option so that users would see /home/sri only, not


Sri Ramkrishna         /|\ Unix is very user friendly, its just very picky
email: -|- on who it is friendly to. -- Unknown? 
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