Re: objectifying gnome-terminal

I can't remember the URL for this.  The guy who coded it announced it on
gnome-devel-list a couple of days ago.  The named pipe idea would not give
you any networking.  I suggested it because it is simple.  You could just
as easily use sockets or maybe CORBA (this may be difficult, since you
would need to insert the ORBit callbacks into the event loop, and I am not
sure how to do that (maybe take a look at libgnorba).



On Thu, 18 Mar 1999, Tuomas J. Lukka wrote:

> > You may be able to do something like this with the --gtk-module stuff,
> > similar to the guile terminal extension.  
> Where do I find these and docs on them? 
> > The easiest way to do this would
> > be to have it open a named pipe at maybe ~/.gnome/terminal-commands.pipe
> > and use gdk_input_add to get notified when people write to it.
> > Now have some other program that can write to this pipe.
> Does this also work remotely? What are the advantages/disadvantages to using
> ORBit? Are there ready-made routines in gnome-libs or glib or whatever
> for doing these things or should I just use plain unix commands?
> 	Tuomas
> > > Are there / should there be plans to make gnome-terminal an object
> > > so that it would be possible to get a new screen in an existing
> > > terminal process from the command line or from another program,
> > > starting at a specified directory, program &c?
> > > 
> > > I'm volunteering to do this if someone points me to the right
> > > direction and documentation.

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