RE: Root Permissions

If Redhat is anything like Debian, cdrom is group cdrom, pppd is group dip, so
you just need to add yourself to those groups. Although you need to be root
edit /etc/group, afterwards, you don't need to be root to use those device.


On 12-Mar-99 St0rM wrote:
> Problem...
> IS not in fact a GNOME problem but i see a related problem with the SUID on
> ppd and other, like permission on CDROM...
> So, running GNOME with a non-root user is hard, and need certain
> adjustment...And running from ROOT is not safe, as all us known. I found some
> major problems:
> - pppd: cannot call if not set SUID from non-root users
> - CDROM: on RH 5.2 the device linked by /dev/cdrom is NON-readable from the
> world
> - gmc: it cannot move everything, and a simple su -c gmc doesn't work because
> users cannot access root's X server...
> - others that i don't remember...
> Is not a problem of gnome, obviusly, but for a tell-me-all user these can be
> some non-simple problems...
> What we can do? Someone have a tips?
> Other thing...Playing with gnome-linuxconf i see, in the user management
> session, some options to give an user the SuperUser privileges...But it seems
> to not work...It can be a solution...Someone know why it does not work?

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