RE: Root Permissions

how about a root applet. When the applet is started, it asks you for the
root password. Then whatever you drag onto the applet gets run as root...
(and since it already has the root password, it dosnt have to prompt you
each time)

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> Adrian Hosey wrote:
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> > : So, running GNOME with a non-root user is hard, and need certain =
> > : adjustment...And running from ROOT is not safe, as all us known. I
> found =
> > : some major problems:
> > 
> > A while back someone suggested a "root launcher" icon - you could drag
> > an icon to it, or type in a command, and it would throw up a dialog
> > asking for the root password and then run the app as root. I thought
> > that was a neat idea, but no one's written it yet.
> IMHO, i don't like the idea of having to constantly type my password in
> to do things like mounting, playing cd's, accessing drives, etc.  i've
> found work arounds involving suid and fstab for some of the basics.  but
> i hope there is an easier way to configure general access to services,
> particularly for home machines like  mine where i'm the only user
> anyways.
> mike!
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