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On Thu, 11 Mar 1999, Miguel de Icaza wrote:

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> Hi, I just downloaded KDE, to check it out.
> Here's what I think.
> Most of the application are of a very poor quality.
> and they don't even follow the same look. For instance
> there are about 6 different ´top scores' list for 
> the games.
> The intergration between KDE base and the window 
> manager is perfect, and something I _REALLY_ would
> like to see in gnome. the mac bar is pretty cool, too.
> You can also move the tasklist around...I just have
> to say that this is extremely well done, and somethink
> we need to work on. Maybe we can take it as a
> discussion on the gnome-list. 

I can only second this -- they not only respect their panel/taskbar when
it comes to maximizing ("so do we"), but kwm resizes maximized windows,
when the panel geometry changes, e.g. I "configure" the panel to be on the
left instead of on the top, the "new" panel takes place and all maximized
windows adapt to the new screen geometry (no, they still don't seem to
support simple dragging around of the panel -- kudos, George :-)

What's also nice in KDE is that the desktop icons stay in some "secure"
distance off the panel(s), here (gmc-4.5.24) my top most icon get's lost
below my top panel, maybe there is some way for the WM to let applications
(in this case gmc) now "stay off this and that area on the root window"
(ideally this would work dynamically, e.g. I move my panel and the icons
get moved automatically -- yeah, make this configurable)?

> We need to work some more on window manager hints,
> and don't let the windowmanager independence be a
> disadvantage. 
> Now we're at the windowmamager things, I really think
> that there should be an option in enlightenment
> to turn of the theme menues and use GTK menues instead.

Raster: I think he means some way of enlightenment letting the application
that manages the left- and right-clicks (in our case gmc) know what menus
to display and what actions to do when an item is selected. It sounds like
he want's a common look&feel for root-window-menus (but I don't know if
this is feasible, though).

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