Re: Input Method of Gnome

it is done by gtk. it's good. The most important is that
Every Widgets / Applications of Gnome should allow the Input Method Program
/ Elements
To Capture the Keyboard Event first. And Then pass the Characters to

Except Kanji ,  Has Gnome Prepared for the generic input method ?

Also, I would like to ask , is Gnome supporting Unicode ?
or support individual Language Encoding ? Since I donno much about the
encoding scheme in Linux.



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日期: 1999年3月9日 下午 04:27
主旨: Re: Input Method of Gnome

>> > Is that Gnome has prepared for International Language Input Method?
>> > Like Chinese , Japanese, Korean? or It should be done by XServer ?
>> It's done by X.  See this month's Linux Journal for a pretty good
>> description of how it all fits together.
>Mmm, you're right, but the real is: It's done by gtk.
>It need GUI library support.
>About Japanese(Kanji Input Method), the gtk is better than the qt now,
>I think.
>Yukihiro Nakai
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