A stupid question (or two)

I've read a great deal about KDE and GNOME having been a Linux user since
v1.95 and 6 years now.  But I have very stupid question.  

Being someone who absolutely HATES (and I mean HATES) GUI.  If someone was
going to create a completely new end-user graphical interface for computers,
why did you model it after "ancient" technology?  What I mean is, even
MS-Windows is literally based on the same "look and feel" and the original
Macintosh computer from the mid to late 1980's.  Why didn't you look at
completely "revolutionizing" the end-user interface completely?  KDE AND
GNOME are already "tired", because all they both are, are just
"re-inventions", no strike that, "ports" really of an old user interface.

Now, please don't misunderstand me, I applaud and vehemently support any
effort to de-throne Microsquish.  I'm just not sure that a Linux desktop
that just looks like another MS-Windows makes any sense.  Apple caused
Microsquish to develop Windows by being very innovative and completely
"re-thinking" the way people used their computers.  So, with the collective
intelligence of the entire world at our fingertips now, shouldn't we be
doing the same thing?  I think it's time for a quantum change in how we work
and live.

For example, I've been thinking for quite some time about my own NEW type of
GUI.  Something that is modeled after the "look, feel and ease of use" of
cable-tv, instead of computers.  Whether this would work or not, I have no
idea, it's just a thought.  However, with the "industry-convergence" we're
seeing of telecommuncations networks and broadcast/cable/TV networks, the
next logical step to me would be "imbedded desktop interfaces" that connect
to your PC and operate exactly the same way.  And since this is already a
known interface to most people, the "digital divide" could be tremendously
shortened.  I'd be interested in talking to others who might like to explore
this line of discussion a bit more.  If interested please contact me at my
personal email address of "linuxuser@hippogriff.com".

Anyway, sorry for interrupting your mail list with some pretty stupid
questions and ideas, but I just had to get that off of my chest.  Again,
KUDO's to KDE and GNOME projects for putting fun back into desktop
development and fear into Microsquish.


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